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Why waiting is seldom a good enough option

When shifts occur in an environment, leaders tend to choose waiting as an option. They have an intention to stay calm. However, insecurity and stress seem to spread and take over the climate of the organisation. How is it possible that this choice has the opposite effect?

Understand the dynamics behind this pattern and learn to substitute it by a more effective one.

Questions & Answers

1. Is it possible to perceive something that is close to you and that accompanies you from the birth?

1. Riuscite a percepire cio' che avete vicino che vi accompagna dalla nascita?

2. In this energetic moment that we are living, what can we do to feel well and to make others feel well?

2. In questo momento energetico che viviamo, cosa potremmo fare per stare bene e per far stare bene?

3. How much can we do to improve ourselves and the others in this moment?

3. Quanto possiamo fare per migliorare noi stessi e gli altri in questo momento?

4. I would like to know if all of this is applicable to the real life (everyday life).

4. Vorrei sapere se tutto cio' e' realmente applicabile alla vita reale (quotidiana).

5. In how much time the results are obtained?

5. In quanto tempo si ottengono i risultati?

6. What is the way to stay always aware?

7. How is it possible to learn all these tools?

8. What would you change in you (the Trainers)?

9. What does rational mean for you?

10. Is it possible to make private quastions in the future?

11. How to manage the past to make progress.

12.a What do you mean for Wealthy?

12.b What do you mean for Wealthy?

13. What do you do when you have only little money?

14. Is it possible to fail despite the participation and the effort?

15. Why is it so difficult not to rationalize everything?

16. How can this be applied to children?

17. What is your main goal?