Offer 1: mentoring the individual suprastate of executives

For executives, managers, directors, CEOs, and supervisory board members who wish to join their Suprastate, we offer this two-phase mentoring program. The Suprastate opens up the most effective access to balance, power and acceptance.


 From this higher energetic level it is possible:


1. To keep a consistent focus on intention and meaning and to act instead of react

2. to have more fluid and more extensive own creative potential

3. reduce internal resistance and optimize internal support

4. counteract with alertness if intention, decision and action are not in line

5. To radiate positively into the environment and to contribute to its energey in the sense of the goals

6. To deal calmly with turbulence with growing wisdom and circumspection

7. To think and discover new possibilities outside the box


 Modalities and price on request

Offer 2: Energetic System Analysis of the Organization

Capture patterns and dynamics, which decisively influence success or energy loss.
Recommendations adapted to the organization are developed and presented.

Position determination, classification, opening
and unexpected changes


  • Interviews with decision makers
  • Interviews with selected employees
  • Participatory observation of everyday situations
  • Workshops with decision makers to present the results
  • Recommendations for action and their discussion on decision-making maturity

On demand



Offer 3: REtreat For Leaders, October 2018

"Reset your mind from past to abundance and success"


Four days Wilderness Camp in South Africa; October 2018
Neuroscience-based techniques meet shamanic practices for daily use
Retreat with 5 more people

Price: 9.500,00 € without flight in double tent without much comfort
Registration: from 1st May 2018


             Eco-Camp, South Africa 2017

Offer 4: InHouse module

  1. Integrated organizational culture: unity in diversity
  2. Problem solving in the system 2.0
  3. Social and energetic competence in the hospital and in therapy
  4. Pineal Activation for creativity and depth of innovation in research and development

    • proven modules that are adapted to the organization strengthen and increase the energy levels of the respective functional areas, their performance and the quality of their outputs
    • Create the basis for the release and benefit of collective intelligence
    • Solve resistances and strengths the WE

    On request

offer 5: SEMI plus




  1. SEMI*PLUS: Stimulating Energy for More Impact
    For large companies and hospitals
    from September 2018

    Effective modules, methodologies and designs for development
    a new energetically integrated organizational culture to increase efficiency

    • Preliminary interviews and subsequent individual support
    • Double-loop concept: Linking learning with working on concrete cases in practice
    • 6-step method for casework - based on theory U
    • Casework : cross-hierarchical, cross-functional, cross-cultural
    • Train few - reach many: special propagation algorithm
    • Energetic planning formats and formats for sustainability
    • Online Webinars
    • online-based study materials and videos
    • Access to the Upper Level

    Case and Feedbacks on request

Special: Energetc Training in soccer


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