Feedbacks are translated.

"Ruediger Fleisch focuses on people and dynamics in his work with organizations. Effective leadership requires holistic thinking, feeling and acting in relation to the individual and the system. This is what RF works with its team to work with those responsible in organizations to develop new thinking and action models that make the organization as a whole authentic, cooperative and powerful.


The tools and work of RF also resolve deeper-seated microtrauma, linking higher-lying dream particles in organizations with agents, with a new organizational culture and complex organizational structures. New energies are released.


The impact of the work is well over 80% of the involved as extremely effective."

Prof. Lutz Engelke, CEO TRIAD BERLIN

mit Prof. Dr. E. Minx, founder "Denkbank"

"If I had not experienced it myself, I would not believe it!"

Herr E. - former pain patient

"I understand that chaos has meaning and what I can do for myself in 2018!"

- Karsten F., Manager Berlin

"For me, a door has opened!" - Petra F., Nünberg, Therapist

"You love and appreciate his approach or not. 
82% of participants love him. The good results prove that."

 Head of the Education Department of a Public Institution based on a statistical feedback evaluation from a large executive project

"Super interesting!" -  Dr. med. Frank-Timo Lange, Berlin

"Over 85% consider these tools to be very applicable! We have dramatically improved our efficiency. Sales increased more than significantly in certain areas."

Evaluation result of a global efficiency improvement project with 277 managers and boards of a global market leader and a project on "creativity and innovation" with 115 managers and senior executives from the R & D departments of the same company