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coaching events

People come to us when they look for their inner compass and action alternatives in the following occassions:

  • Emotionally difficult situations
  • Job
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Family
  • Partnership
  • Parenthood

There are 3 coaching formats


1. The coaching talk

2. The energetic session

3. The energetic Encounter


We recommend the appropriate entry for you after a first conversation on the phone.

All three situations can happen on site or online.


In all three formats you discover energies and resources that, if you want to, spring from a higher self and have not been accessible for you until now.

  • Beliefs that are no longer useful
  • negatively colored self-assessments
  • limiting inner dialogues
  • experiences with rigid systems and systems that you take personally even though thats wrong
  • hard and unfulfillable self-expectations
  • feelings of "it is never enough"
  • stepping back from the reality of new simple and profitable ways
  • the speed at which this happens also depends on the conscious permission you give yourself

Energetic Encounter: Orientation, new perspective, choices
Energetic Encounter: Orientation, new perspective, choices

Energetic Encounter | characteristics

The energetic Encounter is a newly developed format.


There are energetic Encouters

  • for individuals (maximum: 4 hours with 30min break)
  • for couples, teams or large groups

An energetic encounter is:

  • a special, safe situation
  • Conversation at eye level

    • clear
    • simple
    • appreciative
    • respectful
  • Topics of the clients
  • Open for other views - get out of the loops
  • Questions of every kind
  • clear, benelovent answers
  • Orientation and precise feedback


An energetic Encounter is beneficial for

  • Individuals of all ages, gender, occupation and origin
  • Self-employed
  • Therapists, doctors
  • Persons with management responsibilities
  • Couples (see description below)
  • Teams
  • large groups

Energetic Encounter for Teams
Energetic Encounter for Teams


  • Focus on the topics and quastions of the clients
  • Individual handling of it as a key
  • Giving permisson: strengthening the self
  • Finding higher energy levels
  • Elimination of limiting, energy-consuming patterns / habits
  • Options and possibilities
  • 100% in the service itself, 100% for others

results / benefit

Results and benefits are influenced by the willingness, the timing, by what is appropriate and the degree of determination.

There is no "right" or "wrong", "better" or "worse". An energetic encounter presents things as they are and they appear right now. He opens up for that, in that particular moment.


We are professionally present at our energetic level with all our knowledge and skills.
There are small energetic exercises.
There are transparent answers, the best possible, and there are questions from our side as well.
There is benevolence, respect and openness, as far as we can.

Energetic Encounter for couples

Love and relationship


One of the most elementary and currently most changing topics that afffects us all.

Nothing strengthens us more as when we are in a loving relationship with others and can live a healthy partnership. Yet, this very central part of our lives is often characterized through old, sometimes destructive and unhealthy patterns and outdated constructs that need to be rethought and redesigned.


Energetic Encountering offers a suitable frameworkm which takes place in a 2:2 setting. In this setting you can play with different perspectives, deadlocked roles and beliefs to eventually let go of old patterns and give love and relationships the space that brings its full potential to fruition.

direct contact

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