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Caoching offers

We do coaching in both formats for

  • Individuals, couples, teams or groups
  • executives
  • self-employed therapists,
  • doctors
  • private persons
  • couples (look description beneath)

Which of the two forms is appropriate, we recommend after a first telephone contact.

for executives | Self-employed

Energetischer Encounter for couples

Love and relationship

One of the most elementary and currently most changing topics which affects us all.

Nothing strengthens us more when we are in loving relationship with others and can live a healthy relationship. Yet this very central part of our lives is characterized by old, sometimes destructive and unhealthy patterns and outdated constructs that need to be reconsidered and redesigned.


Energetic Encountering offers a suitable framework, which is offered in a 2: 2 setting. In this setting you can play with different perspectives, deadlocked roles and beliefs to let go of old patterns and give love and partnership the space that brings their full potential to fruition.


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