We are a specialized consulting and training company operating for over 20 years. We started in 1994 as Fleisch & Partner and with the diversification of our business,  we founded the Plus-Ultra-Global Beratungsgesellschaft mbH in 2015.


Energetic consulting is an innovative unique approach.  It blends systemic thinking with the energetic power field of the individual and the collective.

This approach leads you new  levels of conscious  perception and creating, so that new possibilities can be seen and manifested in midst of this unpredictable volatile sometime disruptive time of evolutionary shift.   


Using insights from systems theory, neurosciences and some selected unique approaches for human development, we  taylor training, coaching and consulting  with different levels of complexity.

It is all meant to empower our clients:

pleased, capable and certain.

We have a wide array of clients from private companies to public administration organizations, from hospitals to sports clubs, from multinational companies to individuals, in Europe and around the world.

CORE Topic

Focussing  on the evolvement of human consciousness is not an esoteric cultish, illusionary thing.

It is both a possible and necessary evolvement, if humans want to integrate Artifcial Intelligence, health, individuality, love, wealth, society and even intimacy in a harmonic and peaceful way.


Machines already have "consciousness" of their own" (source IBM; Gotthard Guenther). Who integrates whom?

Partners and Cocreators

generative mindset

We are part of Generative Mindset - International Learning Center, that offers new opportunities, innovative solutions and outstanding results for leaders, teams, small and large organizations. It is designed to apply knowledge and skills that unleash human potential. And we believe that human potential is endless if we are ready to drop old habits and unconscious patterns. Click here to discover more.


Plus-Ultra-Global Beratungsgesellschaft mbH

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Managing Director: Rüdiger Fleisch

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