Foundation Seminar

WHERE: Via Paleocapa 16/4, Savona, Italy

             Centro Olistico "Terra Libera"

WHEN:   June 25, 2017 - 150 Euro


The Foundation Seminar is mandatory in order to attend other seminars of your choice.


If you attend all seminars, you will have 50% discount on the price of the last seminar "Re-Discover Your Dream".

A one-day seminar from the series of 5 seminars to explore, experiment and re-discover your special connection to three fields of wellbeing: HEALTHY, WEALTHY and WISE.


Enjoy the synergy of three committed trainers coming from different fields:

  • Elena Khartchenko - management trainer and coach;
  • Stefano Scanu - naturopath and kinesiologist;
  • Ruediger Fleisch - medical doctor, trainer and coach.

Upcoming seminars in 2017:

  • Wellbeing and Health (1,5 days) 
  • Wellbeing and Wealth (1,5 days)
  • Wellbeing and Wisdom (1,5 days)
  • Re-Discover Your Dream (2 days)