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Evolvement of Consciousness - key to market presence of organizations

ENERGETIc business consulting

what organizations want

Energetic organizational consulting focusses on the special needs of organizations:

  • Agility and resilience
  • Responsibility and motivation
  • Strong leadership and strong employees
  • Feedback and fluent communication
  • Qualities of relationships and individuality
  • Resourcefulness, mindfulness
  • Coherence of different speeds and
  • Results, stability, expansion

the implementation - a puzzle?

  1. The introduction and implementation, however, often resembles a giant puzzle.
    All sorts of groups are working on it with great effort in various fields, partly with, partly without beneficial communication. They take each others pieces away, block themselves and each other, without intending that, trying to get a clear picture of the results in vain and lose energy. Others keep others away from the participation or even warn them to participate in these processes.

    How much longer does this work?
  2. Master plans, directively transfered of self-responsibility to lower hierarchical levels, motivational sessions, such as  "New Work", as well as other accompanying means often only work partially. In the already complex field they unintentionally create more complexity and chaos, even though simplification and control was the genuin intend. The organization is moving forward in retrackted and old tracks, there might be initially good sales and numbers, but the negative side effects are increasing in many other regards.

    Obviously, the puzzle can not be solved that easily.
    What is the reason for all that?


It is because
the world is continuously changing and the usual maps match the new territory less and less.

On Contrary: the map makers are still using the same type thinking to create their maps.

BUT: the way maps are created has use a new thinking, not available where most map makers currently play.

We support  map makers to evolve their thinking and create usable new maps.


new Approach | methodology

Energetic consulting is a new approach. It provides

  1. New tools for new thinking.
  2. New tools to unravel higher level of consciousness.
  3. New tools to support the co-creation of new maps and the manifestation of desired results.

This is an active process, starting from individuals and small groups.

Tools for the transition from collective chaos to collective intelligent designS

Energetic business consulting offers

  • simple and applicable tools
  • compressed and adjusted methods
  • intelligent paths and modules

for the managed way out of chaos to collective wisdom, to

  • eliminate the blind spots and give new orientation
  • directly support the development of new awareness and empowerment
  • help preserving the positive of the old and to connect it with the new
  • gain win-win-synergies of individual and collective competences
  • reorganize and realign currently disorderly and chaotically interacting energetic levels
  • touch and realign the inner conditions of leaders and realign them with new external communication formats
  • create maps that fit a changing world full of freedom, respect, acceptance, discoveries, financial success, heart-based commerce and co-creating in flow with each other

Topics and modules

  • New Leadership skills in the current times of rapid change
  • Entrepreneurs - more what you like with less effort
  • Energetic System Analysis
  • Integrated Organisational Culture: unity in diversity
  • Problem Solving in the System 2.0
  • Social and energetic competence in hospital and in therapy
  • Pineal Activation for creativity und innovation of research and development (take a look at our own medical patent)
  • SEMI - Plus: Integrated approach to increase efficiency in large companies
  • Special: Energetic training in Soccer (see below)


  • Therapists oder doctors in private practices, entrepreneurts
  • Executive, board members, consultants
  • Hospitals and rehabilitation facilities
  • Associations und NGOs
  • Administrations
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Multinational corporations

Feedback from practice

Biker meeting in Prague | New Year's Eve 2017 (Photo: Ruediger Fleisch)
The bigger part is not on the picture: the drivers, the designers and JoyinMotion | Entangled Quantum (copyright: Ruediger Fleisch)

What Practicioners think about what we do:

There is a convergence between the unfolding of consciousness and market presence

cOmponents and offers



1. Energetic System Analysis

2. Energetic Intervention Methods

3. Materials and formats for sustainability

energetic system analysis

Capturing pattern and dynamics, that signicantly influence success or  energy loss.
There are i.e.:

  • the breadth and precision of perception
  • the climate and the dynamics behind the climate of communication
  • the effectiveness of synergien: e.g. internal organization, cross-functional, cross-cultural, costumer loyality and connection to cooperation partners
  • access to one's own potential and resistance
  • the goodness and energetic balance of results
  • dealing with predictable and unexpected changes

What to do

  • Interviews with selected people from your organization
  • Participatory observation of everyday situations in the organization
  • Workshops with decision makers
  • Presentation und discussion
  • Recommendations

Price: On Request

energetic interventions and monitoring formats

  1. How do I get into my new self-consciousness?
    Online based modules 1 and 2
    • basic tools for he first five steps
    • restore you own power field
    • fear of loss - take a look at it standing in light and in balace
    • orientation about and solving of dysfunctional rlationships
    • letting go of self-sabotaging old beliefs and behavioral patterns
    • new creativity and win-win opportunities for me and for others
    online-based learning materials, audio files and videos
    subsequent individual support in 3 individual webinars
    295,00€ per module for entrepreneurs and individuals
    95,00 € per module for people in corporations

  2. Energetic 5D - Encounter (4 h)

    Encouragement and empowerment: Starting from desires and strengths to stabilize a new energetic level, to understand difficulties, to examine and to shed excess ballast, to gain new balance and control.
    • for the leadership POWER of leaders
    • for leading the leaders
    • for onsultants and trainers
    • for teams, small groups up to 5 participants
    Prices: from 450,00 € for individuals
                   1.000,00 € for managers in corporations
                   5.000,00 € 
    for CEOs and board members

                   Eco-Camp South Africa 2017

  1. "Reset your mind from failure to abundance"
    Four days Wilderness Camp in South Africa, October 2018

    Neuroscience-based techniques meet shamanic practices for daily use
    Retreat with 6 people
    Price: 2.500,00 € - without flight in double tent
    Registration: from May 1st 2018

  2. Energetische 5D - training formats / sessions 
    for corporations, administrations etc.

    • subject-related (see modules below) for groups of up to 12 participants
    • Connection: Learning with the cases of everyday life and immediate changes
    •  Raising the individual energetic level of management, employees and leadership as an enhancer for / and balance of competences and self-confidence
    • Interviews  und  webinar for preparation, online learning materials and video
      Price on request

Large group in an project for a world market leader
Large group in an project for a world market leader

  1. SEMI*PLUS:   Same Effort - More Impact
    For hospitals and large companies
    from September 2018

    Effective modules, methodes and module sequences for development of a new energetically effective organizational culture to increase efficiency

    • preliminary interviews and subsequent individual support by videotalk
    • Double-loop learning: Linking learning with working on cases taken from everyday practice
    • 6-step method for casework - based on Theory U
    • Casework : cross-hierarchical, cross-functional, cross-cultural
    • Train few - reach many: special propagation algorithm
    • Energetic planning formats for success and sustainability
    • Online Webinars
    • Online-based study materials and videos
    • Access to the Upper Level

    Price on request


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