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The current global change is not going to change anything, it will change everything and everyone

Energetic business consulting is a new approach that goes beyond the usual methods of organizational and human resource development.


It gives organizations / companies new opportunities to control and influence where things were previously stuck and confusing, despite apparent control through numbers and regulations.

The effort drops. The processes and communications become much easier.

  1. Certain tools and distinctions are used to capture dynamics beyond psychology, systems, and management theory, which in the current situation provide stability or volatility, success, or failure.
  2. The distinction between levels of consciousness and the associated conscious control of lower energy levels are the new parameters of control.
  3. We offer a structured way to do this.

We work with you
CEOs, CEOs, board members, department heads, department heads, managers in leadership roles, executives, chief physicians, senior physicians, PDL, and all employees who feel addressed here.



  • Executives learn to emerge from the box of too narrow 3D-Consciousness. They learn to develop new mindsets and emotional competencies that make things easier and make their strategies more effective and useful. Thus, the individual leader gains an impact on the whole that was previously thought impossible.
  • Higher individual energy levels are amplifiers and transformers for the competences of the individual executives.
  • This translates into teams, departments and their collaboration without the usual effort.

Feedback from previous practice

Large group in a groupmind project for a world market leader
Large group in a groupmind project for a world market leader

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