Health, Power and Balance by successfully replacing stress from dissonant climate and exposure to toxis covert aggressive manipulative characters
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healthy lifestyles

Choosing a healthy way of living combines an integration of

body, mind and soul.


To liberate yourself for this adventure with yourself, we offer a wide range of tools, techniques and information, which enables you to feel what you really need  - to guide you into your full potential and power.

Nourishing yourself is self love in a healthy way and a healthy way of nourishing is a part of this journey - this includes knowledge about nutrition, your daily diet, being connected with your body. It supports you to release old patterns and traumas and is a holistic way of healing.

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Eesi- Rest is an innovative device supporting patients with hemiplegia of an arm and the therapeutic situation. It is patented and has a registered trade mark.

There is an English website availbale with detailed Information under:

For patients with arm paralysis, we have developed and patented a safe arm support cushion. This pillow is called Eesi rest.

For relatives, we have put together a "Little Path", which should help to increase the joie de vivre and strength in view of the difficult situation.

You can download the Guardian Angel with Message free of charge with the attached PDF file.

The link below will take you to the Eesi-Rest website.

Guarding Angel Beatrice with a message for patients and their relatives
free download
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Expert talk

Energetic work in medicine and therapy

Ruediger in conversation with PD Dr. Andreas Block, FA Gastroenterology and Oncology,

Head of Clinical Research at UKE in Hamburg

 Andreas Block:
"Many patients are physically healthy after tumor treatment, but they can not forget their illness and anything that depends on negative beliefs, which is not favorable."

 "During routine screening of young managers who come without symptoms, often severe
  illnesses are found. This raises the question of the meaning of preventive medicine. "
"We need an extension of our borders!"


This is where energetic work begins. This extension is exactly what it's aiming at.

 An essential aspect for recovery are beliefs. "Get out of your head," means thoughts that keep returning, that make you ponder and that are associated with negative emotions. These cause even more stress in the body and solidify into "irrefutable truths", which you are not. It's just stuck energy blockages that override the healthy body.

Exceeding and overriding limiting beliefs succeeds with energetic work because it activates higher levels of the identity of the person and the self. This releases new higher energy, which is urgently needed for recovery and alleviation.


The only requirement for that is, first of all, to get the consideration to yourself, "what if there really is another way for me?"

A mental continuation of the conversation content (PowerPoint presentation) can be found in the library under the following link.

Energetic work on yourself

Case study of a 32-year-old male who suffered from pain of unknown origin for 3.5 years. He had been medicated and treated surgically, but this did not lead to any improvement. After learning and using one of the basic energetic exercises every week for six weeks, he reports that he is now painless. This lasts for another 6 weeks.


Energetic tools

  • You can learn how to use them independently.
  • Among other things, they neutralize such complexes.
  • They sort themselves differently inside,
  • put off such knots of thoughts and bad feelings,
  • go to a higher energetic level, allowing the body to develop new powers that it desperately needs.

The only requirement that is necessary for this:

To leave the consideration to yourself: "What if there really was another way for me?"


Energetic tools do not represent or replace medical therapy. They teach us to use the things diffenrently you already know: Concentration, intentions, attention are only three of more than 50 such basic elements, but here they are placed in a stringent context. How exactly, you can find out in an initial interview.


If you have absorbed these applications, you can also be more conducive to sick relatives and experience more joy for yourself.

other offers are on their way

Here you will find more offers soon:

  • Speedcheck Men's Health with Stephan Foerder, Specialist in Neurology and Psychotherapy
  • Checklist for recognizing "Wolves in Sheep's clothing" (Dr. George Simon, 2009) thus masked manipulative characters - one epidemic character disorder that is largely underrated even by psychotherapists, leadership personalities, HR officers and consultants | How to recognize a toxic relationship | How do you deal with these people best | What are victim control manipulations and how does the environment unconsciously support them? How can one recognize and heal the unrecognized or trivialized yet serious consequential damage from such relationships (private, work)? | How do you get into your own flow?
  • Collection of qualified links on websites and help for traumatized people with Arthur Buchman, psychologist, Copenhagen

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