Mastering Self- EvolVement

Free Webinars in MAy 2018:

We live in a time of turbulent shifts. No time has never been better for Self- Mastery and no time has been more demanding Self-Mastery.
There are incredible possibilities to create on your own terms. However these opportunities become clearer  from higher energetic Level (let us call it: 5D viewpoint).
How to get there on smooth way and on the least bumpy road is the core of our work.

Energetic tools lay for MAstering transition and levelling up well- being

Energetic tools for your foundation of well-being
Energetic tools for your foundation of well-being

Well-being means for us:
Healthy, wealthy and wise/creative

Energetic tools are amplifying and readjusting the tools and compentences and self-confindence you already have available.


Energetic and systemic tools are provided, easy to learn, ready to apply if you wish:

  • to ascend by shifting onto a new energetic levels of power and balance
  • leave toxic situations, healing wounds, shame, guilt and  fragmentations
  • to develop joy, clarity and precision
  • to set clear and healthy  boundaries
  • to reconcile male and female energies
  • to blend the wisdom of the elder with passion of the younger to co-create  whatever is needed and desired


Possibilities | offers

  1. How do I get into my new self-consciousness?
    For self-employed, therapists and people in leadership roles

    Online based modules 1 and 2
    • basic tools for he first five steps
    • restore you own power field
    • fear of loss - take a look at it standing in light and in balace
    • orientation about and solving of dysfunctional rlationships
    • letting go of self-sabotaging old beliefs and behavioral patterns
    • new creativity and win-win opportunities for me and for others
    online-based learning materials, audio files and videos
    subsequent individual support in 3 individual webinars
    Prices: 295,00 €

  2. Energetic 5D - Encounter (4 h)

    Encouragement and empowerment: Starting from desires and strengths to stabilize a new energetic level, to understand difficulties, to examine and to shed excess ballast, to gain new balance and control.
    Topics could be:
    • Self-confidence
    • Valuing relationships and self
    • carrier and creativity
    • joyful intimate relationships
    • health sp. paintreatment, recoveries, going though health crisis
      Delivered via Skype
      Prices: 450,00 €

More BAckgroundinformation

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"From the love you (never) have to the love you are"
Andrea Wojtinek´s and Ruediger Fleisch´s ebook will appear September 27,  2018