On this page everything is about

  • self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect

  • rediscover your own power

  • growth and flow

  • attentiveness
  • casting off naivety
  • to gain trust in your own intuition
  • casting off unnecessary beliefs and adopted rationalization
  • individuality and happiness with others
  • discovering your own consciousness as a living physical power that you can use to create
  • treasures and how to make them a part of your life
  • casting off the eroding mode of permanent need to react
  • creative choices instead of manipulating yourself
  • success on your own scale
  • borders, laughter and one's own constitution
  • letting go of fear and following your desire to discover

point in a circle; special thanks to Jim Self - LINK to the audiofile - press LINK (german)
point in a circle; special thanks to Jim Self - LINK to the audiofile - press LINK (german)

The following topics are in focus:

  1. self-esteem & health
  2. work & money
  3. love & relationship

To do this we offer energetic tools and a managed path from 3D consciousness to a higher 5D consciousness. It makes things easier. Well-being, balance and your own strength increase. New  unknown possibilities open up.

Bikertreffen in Prag | Sylvester 2017 (Foto: Ruediger Fleisch)
Is your motor running?

On the next page you can find

  • Representations for understanding the current fundamental energetic change on a global scale
  • its meaning and use
  • What is 3D-, 4D- and 5D consciousness and what are energetic levels?
  • basal energetic exercises to come to yourself and to extend inner balance and strength
  • a self-check (Audiofile , 11. Min, german)
  • audiofiles regarding the subjects above including solving the problem of dysfunctional relationships, especially of narcisstic personalities or other hidden manipulative and aggressive characters
  •  offers and invitations