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1. "It is not change that causes problems, but the field which holds inappropriate patterns"
A presentation which opens a new view on how to manage change.


2. Focussed leadership
Can you consider that investing in the know how of realeasing and unfolding your potential could have more positive impact on your work, your environment, the quality and efficency of others than trying to make others change?

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3. SEMI-Program
SEMI stands for System-Emotional-Mental-Integrated. Sounds complicated? it is not:
Imagine there were three computers in your organization. One is focussing on the effectiveness of the system. One is focussing on the emotions , relevant for motivation, vitality, loyalty, creativity. The third one is focussing on generating tangible solutions, products or services. In most organizations the single computers work separately on a high level,. However they are not integrated and block each other and themselves mutually.
SEMI offers modules for coaching, training and also consultancy on how to integrate and upgrade the three "softwares" relevant for gaining same effort more impact in a much lighter way.
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4. If you have questions to our programs or to specific topics, please send them to us, we will give you answers from our unique perspective.

For Healthcare

"A little path for relatives" on HOW  to support themselves and family members with serious disease to regain life energy and joy. Please see our website. www.eesi-rest.com


For Sports

Energetic and mental coaching programs for sports teams and individual athletes to help them achieve best performance under stress.

Workshops for sports coaches on how to stay balanced under pressure and how to support athletes in easy and effective way.