We DO not fix the old, we OPERATE in the New

Ruediger Fleisch: "Hello and thank you for your interest. The English part of our website is currently getting reviewed and adjusted to the new opportunities. We are complete at the end of July 2020. Here are already informations.  Have a good month."
Ruediger Fleisch: "Hello and thank you for your interest. The English part of our website is currently getting reviewed and adjusted to the new opportunities. We are complete at the end of July 2020. Here are already informations. Have a good month."
Entrance to our office in down-town Berlin, Germany
Entrance to our office in down-town Berlin, Germany

Mastering Transition
Mastering Transition

nice to have you here. This is about you. And it is about uncertainty due to the general chaos on the outside and about sustainable reorientation and stability on and from inside out. The outside itself is currently much too confused, unreliable and no longer suitable for your creations. Where can you find this stabile place and get what is important for you? How can you navigate yourself om your own coursecontinuously?  The idea might feel a bit unfamiliar first and a bit tingly, but it is absolutely possible. No, it is not possible, it is a reality you can touch on.

But how do you get there? How do you do that? Of course it is not easy. But for one thing, the corona time has not only negative aspects. The RESET in spring 2020 has opened up undreamt-of new opportunities; and on the other hand, there is you. How can you take and utilize these opportunities for your good and those of the others.

Under the heading "Mastering Transition" we have created a focus with four segments. Here are the guiding core questions so that you can understand the direction we are going.

  •  "Cherry Blossom Road" - How are we now to shape the future together, when the planet seems to be in a turmoil? What can we do at all? For instance this: Take a step back from the chaos outside, reposition yourselves and focus on wellbeing for yourself and others. Exchange with others - nationally and internationally - exchange ideas, practice fairness, maybe you want to become a project member in a collective that cooperates beyond competition. That is what Cherry BLossom road is about. Would that be something for you?

  •     Individuality - With individuality it is often like with a computer: you only use a small part. The great potential usually remains unused. Do you want to change that now? You could well use it. Because the outside is busy with itself, and often unconsciously engaged in drama.

  •     Environment and relationships - You are in relationships. One wants to feel friendliness, sense, purpose, do exciting and beautiful things together, in joy, harmony and fairness etc. But what to do if the others don't go along and hesitate ? How can you create good relationships differently? What does this have to do with femine and masculine energies? A journey of discovery for the curious and courageous.

  •     Business - The time is now. How do you rethink your own business? How does an entire company rethink itself? In the past everything was okay in the comfort zone, wasn't it? Really?! M.E.E.T. your NEXT LEVEL - is a new and already successfully implemented concept for rethinking outside the box and simply succeeding.

    You understand what our work comes down to:  We have developed more detailed and tangible theme concepts for these four segments. Together with our energetic-systemic tools and the precise systematics behind them, this is a managed path that you can follow step by step. Success comes with every
    step you really take. If you are interested in one or the other topic, we would be happy to talk to you. You are important to us.

Cherry Blossom Orchard, Acryl on Canvas by Ullrich Lipp | Foto: Ruediger Fleisch
Cherry Blossom Orchard, Acryl on Canvas by Ullrich Lipp | Foto: Ruediger Fleisch

Cherry Blossom Road - Co-creating the Future together now
Content: Cherry Blossom Road is a framework, an architecture for people from various fields, businesses and industries, leaders project managers, free lancers, shop or business owners, women and men, younger or older from all over the planet who wish to co-create and walk a new raod towards the future together but are not quite sure how to do this.

The RESET in spring 2020 however has opened opportunities to do and to accomplish what most and many have wished for but was blocked for long for various reasons.

We will have the entire concept of Cherry Blossom Road on this page by the end of July 2020.


However: If you are interested in the story behind the concept of Cherry Blossom Road anfd one of its major principles, click here and enjoy "Grandmother´s Cherries".

Content: Unfolding personal health and New Energies of Self. (Has nothing to do with the old "self-optimization programs") | How Strong is my immune system? An online based Self-test is being released by the end of august 2020.

Health is not limmited by genetics nor is prevention limited to social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands.
Speedcheck your immune system
and identify weakening energetic influences. You can do a lot for your self and we care about you by having provided tools for you.

Relationship and Environment
Content: Head or tail? Head I win, tail you loose.
If you look in to the news narcissistic personalities (which is a joke in itself) are in leading positions. So people are understandably worried because there are outrageous things going on.
The question is what can you do? What you can do and what is creating a major difference is, when you end your emotional engagement with the old power game of ouvert authoritarian dominance or couvert manipulation. You can learn that it´s not about therm, but about you, nurishing and growing yourself. This is withdrawing energies form the "demons" of the old game. You can create and have what you wish for. There are simply no demons left.

2 Audiofiles teach you the 12 most common patterns of the very old game of manipulation, domination and imposition and how to dismantle them while you raise your awareness and sense for yourself.



Business, work, job and wealth are important topics in the present which are ripe to be thought about from outside of the box. Organizational cultures are the basic frame work to enable the access and connect the vast personal potential, with constructive and respectful communication and co-creativity, solving problems and acheiving results. How this can be done best with respect, benevolence and curiosity, therefore we have developed and successfully implemented a new multilayered concept for: "M.E.E.T Your Next Levels". The success is amazing and the concept is recommended even by official external controllers of the German Federal Ministry of Economy, who tend to be most sceptical.




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