Mastering Transition
Mastering Transition

Hello and welcome,
nice that you have found us. You have landed on a special website - sometimes a bit inspired by DaVinci.

  •    Interdisciplinary background: medicine, political science, linguistics, literature and systemic  
       organization studies; NLP Master Trainer.
  •    Medical research, medical technologies - own medical patent
  •    Interested in living and productive systems, therefore systemic personnel and organizational
       development at German and American universities
  •    Development and implementation of customized concepts for SMEs, international corporations,
       hospitals and NGOS - what is the meaning of concepts that do not produce results?
  •    Trainings in Germany USA, China, Japan, Russia, Italy, Spain with wonderful people
  •    Individual work in a range of CEO s, R&D engineers, department heads from the financial
       sector, as well as individuals with life-significant issues from everyday life - when it comes to the
       development of awareness, status and rank are not necessarily alone decisive for the   
       importance of issues.
  •    Hence the work for and with unemployed youth and sports clubs.

We build on the individual(s) and their incredibly large, mostly untapped potential, which is often more a matter of will, curiosity and awareness than merely educational qualifications.

We build on co-creative groups, courageous management and senior officials, on the many everyday heroes who are quickly forgotten, on appreciative organizational cultures and their almost unlimited possibilities; on their necessity and their will to succeed - 100% in service to themselves and 100% in service to others.

We also know about the conditions under which these potentials can be released, linked and used.

Our method is therefore special, grown and already tested.

It combines energetic work that individuals do for themselves,
with systemic methods, which open up real possibilities of co-operation and innovation,
which were not available until now.

Especially in times of pandemic, many wonder, what is there to hold on to when the outside world is becoming more chaotic and contradictory? Many don't see anyone on the outside with visions of the future or solutions they really like? They wait for "back to normal" as a solution.

They overlook the wealth within themselves, which is waiting to be discovered and brought into life and daily practice for the benefit of all.

Einstein is right when he says: You cannot solve a problem with the same way of thinking with which you created it.
But you can change your own way of thinking. How to do that is what we are talking about here.

if you really want to.


In case you have a bit more time available,
then read dialogues between daughter and father, which explain what we do differently.
* goto father-daughter dialogues


We focus on

  •     Personal growth and expanding thinking and awareness.
  •     Health and immune system - Incl. self-test
  •     New energetic influential leadership and career for women and men of any age
  •     The DAO - Project: How to significantly upgrade the energy of your apartment, house,
         real estate property. - A case example of our work from the real estate industry.

The benefit:

     - Orientation on what these waves of change are all about.
     - New tools so you can better navigate these " waves of change".
     - New concepts, so that you can position and assert yourself more easily,
        without having to ask others for permission.

      - How to create EASIER for yourself and with others,
        What benefits you and others and what is sustainable for everyone's future.





You can choose

  1. Individual coaching on Energetic Self Management
  2. Energetic Tools in two consecutive modules
  3. Check Your Energy - An Analysis tool comprising 7 clusters which influence the strength
        of your immune system and advice what you can do yourself to strengthen it.
  4. Participation in "Riding the waves-raising your energy"
        - A series of 12 online webinars with Judith Delozier and Ruediger Fleisch
  5. Level up Your Business - Go for your higher aspirations:
    a highly unique and qualified coach or trainer in one of our Green Cloud Projects
    i.e. Applying our Concept of:  Next level of Organisational Cultural Change.
    Based on successful implementation in a big Trade and Invest Agency (owned by German Federal Ministry of Economics) as well as a player in the administration of a pension fond in the banking system

So we would be happy, if we can show you more about how to ride the waves of "evolutionary" change.

In any case, injoy your rides and pay attention, the waves seem to get higher.

And please keep in mind, that there are days, you better do not got out but stay home and enjoy  yourself instead.

See you and have a good day.

Best Ruediger Fleisch

Riding the waves, Raising your Energy

Please note that regarding the tuition there is a downpayment plan available.
Feel free to ask because we respect your finances and want you to be able to participate.


During this time of uncertainty with shifting sands on the outside we might forget that we have our greatest gift waiting to be discovered on the inside, true home. We live the answers to questions but now we are living the questions and looking for some answers that might help us ride this wave of uncertainty with a sense of balance, health and kindness.


We can do this through understanding and our inner world and how this inner world informs our outer work is the key. Many are living in an reactive inner state of survival, in strategies such as fear, feeling threatened and aggression around, freezing up and thinking in an “either- or” sort of way. As long as we choose to be under the wave, being rolled around by the wave of life we will continue to suffer. It is a time to know what to hold on to and what to let go of.


So what can we do? What is our greatest resource, need, fear? And an even deeper question, how do we support health, wealth, wisdom in mind, body, spirit and emotion during this time? And what is the answer to, “who are we becoming?'

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CheckmyEnergy| Our Online - based Self Analysis Tool :
How strong is my imune system and how can I strengthen it?"

Do you happen to know that the kid´s weddings or divorces can have a weakening impact on the immune system of the parents, if unmanaged from the inside?


The immune system is physically mirroring the energetic aspect of how you define and percieve  yourself, what you believe and how this serves you.

The good news:
There is much more to the imune system than people are mostly aware of and you can do more for yourself.

  • 70 questions to gain insight into the individual strength and resilience of you immune system
  • Evaluation and feedback about factors weakening and strengthening your immune system
  • Recommendations on how imprive and to manage yourself better

More information also on how to become a multiplier or on how to invest in our "crowd funding":

Concepts for ORganisational Change ...

uploaded soon.

Cherry Blossom Orchard, Acryl on Canvas by Ullrich Lipp | Foto: Ruediger Fleisch
Cherry Blossom Orchard, Acryl on Canvas by Ullrich Lipp | Foto: Ruediger Fleisch