for individuals

Innovative workshops and coaching to support you strengthen yourself, to help you create satisfying relationships and to enhance your sense of wellbeing.

for healthcare

Tailored programs to support to manage the challenges coming from the stretch between economic necessities and the intentions of patient centered medicine.

"A little path for relatives" on HOW to support themselves and family members with serious disease to regain life, energy and joy.

Please see our website. www.eesi-rest.com

for organizations

Highly practical tailored training programs. Balance and stability as new competences based on unique techniques. Efficient approach: "Train few, reach many". Questions & Answers section for your current topics.

for sports

Energetic and mental coaching programs for sports teams and individual athletes to help them achieve best performance under stress. Workshops for sports coaches on how to stay balanced under pressure and how to support athletes in easy and effective way.

audio resources

Listen to our audiotapes! You will discover a new world of possibilities and options you never thought of.