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Nowadays management experiences a fundamental transition on a world-wide scale that brings many changes on all levels. It forces to address  phenomena like instability and chaos, which were not encountered before to that extent. It requires i.e. to abandon "old luggage", to widen perception in order to discover new opportunities  and choices.


We are willing to contribute to your development and accompany you through these times full of tensions and hidden anxieties.

our offers

1. "It is not change that causes problems, but the field which holds inappropriate patterns". A presentation which opens a new view on how to manage change. order via email:

2. See or listen to the material on this website supporting you understanding what is currently going on around you.

3. SEMI™-Program
SEMI™ stands for System-Emotional-Mental-Integrated. Sounds complicated? it is not:
Imagine there were three computers in your organization. One is focussing on the effectiveness of the system. The second is focussing on the emotions, relevant for motivation, vitality, loyalty, creativity. The third one is focussing on generating tangible solutions, products or services. In most organizations the single computers work separately on a high level. However they are not integrated and block each other and themselves mutually.
SEMI™ offers modules for coaching, training and also consultancy on how to integrate and upgrade the three "softwares" relevant for gaining same effort more impact in a much lighter way.
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