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Mastering Human EnergeticS

We work with people - systems - consciousness.
Our work takes us and our customers to the next higher level, from which all the things you want are achieved way easier and without effort.

In consideration of a constantly changing world since 2012 we create non-linear models of energetic dynamics. These serve individuals and the people and systems associated with them - such as partnership, family, teams and organizations for powerful and surprisingly simple self-control. The models and tools are unorthodox, opening, benevolent and useful. They lead to higher energetic levels and allow to create in clear steps a personal "SupraState". Own old mental and emotional programs can be individually updated or overwritten from within. The personal choices and the own healthy assertiveness increase.

On this basis we advise, train and coach individuals as well as teams and organizations from the health and economic sector.

We are two companies in cooperative division of labor.
What we do has spirit, heart, mind, hand and foot. The successes for our customers are evident.

Fleisch & Partner


We explore new things.
Reality for us is a creation of consciousness that is individually true. Awareness is not a fixed size or a genetic fate, but an instrument that evolves those who play with intention on this instrument.
The development follows certain patterns and principles. There are - without rating - higher and lower levels of consciousness, each with higher or lower energy levels.
This is where prototypical developments emerge.

Plus-Ultra Global GmbH


Our premise: It's not the potential that is limited, but the receptivity, the willingness of people to take new impulses and make them concret reality.
Therefore we combine intuition, experiences and human perspectives with concepts from systemics, physics and quantum physics, neurosciences, medicine, psychology, philosophy, economics - all in the holistic tradition of alchemists (see Galvani u.a.m.).
For those who want to release a 5D level, our texts, our energeitsch-systemic tools, instructions and modules for orientation and directions to the instructions for the personal "SupraState" (self-empowerment) serve: This is 100% in the service itself, 100 % in service for others.

Our Offers are for personal or organizational applications

  • self-development  | Health | Creativity | Success |
  • Organizational development & integrated organizational culture |  Leadership from a higher Level | Supporting next level of creativity and innovation
  •  Modules for self-promoting of healing energies | Training modules for therapists, doctors |
  • Disengaging form toxic peeople and co-creation of supportive relationships  


We are not in a cult, have never been one, never become one, and have no interest in it either.

Segments of our website


  • How can I develop? What am I allowed to want? What is happening around me?
  • How do I get what I want? | Information and Orientations | free energetic exercise on audio files for work situations and private relations | offers


  • Presentation of our special approach with introduction and basic exercises for specific indications | Focus: Gain immunity towards narcissistic or other covert manipulative - aggressive characters | offers


  • energetic-systemic offers and modules for employees and executives to release unnecessary ballast and rise to a personal suprastate - a stable new energy level | Analog: In-house offers on the most important topics of companies / organizations / hospitals and self-employed people |

Costumers / Feedback

  • Costumers and Feedback; individual, national and international projects

Coaching on health, work and relationships

  • Presentation of the novel coaching forms we work with


  • In the public free area: worth reading, worth listening to on the topics 3D / 5D levels of consciousness, self-development, health, corporate; Over 25 free audio files and recordings from webinars, material to download
  • In the payment area: modules for self-development | Courses


  • News, events, offers, announcements of free and advanced webinars and seminars


  • Who we are, focus, expertise, passion, photos
  • Links to cooperation partners


  1. Our approach is not suitable for everyone, which may turn out in the initial interview or during the first couple of interviews. This is not a judgment of the person or even a refusal, but we notice and communicate it.
  2. We are independent and unorthodox in every way.
  3. We are friendly, call things by name and communicate clearly.
  4. Our methods are tried and tested. They open up new choices and implementation options for many. However, they are completely useless as make-up for Hidden Agendas.