"Love & Relationship"

This trailer informs about 3 workshops we are offering for couples and individuals which offer support to overcome crisis, to split up a relationhip in friendship or to lift up a relationship to a higher level. Our workshops take place in Germany and Italy.

For further information, dates and locations please get in touch with us by mail:

"Salutogenese Gentle Paths Through Challenging Times I"
Introductory trailer of our DVD.


The excercises we are offening on this DVD can support you in preparing yourself for difficult and challenging situations, previous to sugeries, and other diagnostic interventions to lead you through these phases of your life gently.
This DVD is not only helpful for patients, but also for their partners, family members or friends, who want to support their beloved ones and therefore decide to care for themselves. DVD is orderable for 19,90 € by mail:

"Management in Transition"

The great transition we are experiencing these days, on a world-wide level, is forcing us to manage formerly unknown phenomena.
The great transition demands not only to deposit old luggage but also to see new choices and widen your perspection. And neither will work without the other.

Therefore we are highly interested in receiving your questions on this matter and answering them on our website . Please send us an email to and check out our answers here.

Thank you!