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Hello, allow some remarks about our approach.

In order to ride the waves of change going through everthing and everyone in this time which are causing disruptions of the old patterns (observable as chaos and some things we really do not like to see  actually out there) and opening of opportunuities on the upper side of the waves, it is important to understand that this capacity has to be done developed or re-created inside first, before you can utilize it towards the outside and you are able to give this to others.


The provided tools of 3rd generation NLP and of this type of holistic energetic work start from same presuppositions (The map is not the territory and Life and mind are systemic) yet  hold different assumptions and thus are complementary to each other. Both use the mental-emotional body as a starting point to support to navigate ones own life,form intentions strategies and perform activities successfully in these days of transition and to generate appropriate resources. Both know that the key lies within the self. However both disciplines punctuate the process differently.


While NLP gathers resources by striving through various levels of learning and experiences to acchieve a goal, energetic work uses the capacity of the individual to create a personal power field, to solidify it and to build it up and use it for living and manifesting intentionally. Form (i.e. femine =circle, masculine = triangle) is paramount. The personal power field (=multidimensional coach state) is an inner vibration of thoughts (values i.e.) in form to be generated, held, explored and expanded by your self. It does not need allowance or proof from the outside world as it is genuine and connected to who you are. It is your multidimensional vehicle to be rebuild, explored and navigated from you inside on your own terms.

One important and foundational aspect in this work is the precise recreation of the inner energetic templates connected to Head - Heart- and Earth - like Center of the Circle, Grounding cord, Center in your Head. They are basic energetic templates. They open a "forgotten treasure field" which can be integrated and expanded in layers. Each step allows for new choices in the interwoven contextes of personal growth, leadership and health - less dependent from the outside world, aligned to deepest desires and highest aspirations - roughly expressed as vision, mission and values in the language of NLP. Their alignment and initiaton as a "core creative inner mechanism" are essential to lead a practical life on a different level on your own terms.

Raising your awareness allows you during your day to stay more and longer in these inner vibrations and to create from there. Means: you then attract more of the same vibration, you have generated and you can perform an appropriate flexibility which is aligned with your intentions, holding your attention on your intentiond. This prevents from unconsciously handing over power to others or events on the outside world (3D, 4D) which are not in your best interest (5D). This happens instantaneously when get caught up in lower vibrational emotions and habitual pattens of fear, doubt and hesitations (s. emotional guidance scale).


These limitations can be dissolved when grounding and operating more from this personal power field and the activation of the larger individual potential is going hand in hand with this use. There is no need to hurry, as each step opens a vastness of new options which can be explored.

Living more from an intentional focus (like "I want to become a new version of my self" or "I want to find out what I am really up for" or "I want to experience joy, more independant from outside circumstances") becomes more and more available and kind of real manifestations when operating from there.


However, recreating and initiating these aligned templates and starting to live more from an intentional focus also brings up "old luggage", unconscious limiting beliefs and assumptions, hesitation, doubt, fear and even resistance. This is not to be judged as good nor bad. Those once were coping strategy with a 3D "culture" and environment and its usefullness for designing and manifesting the new future now deserves to be examined deeper in the upcoming webinars.


Energetic work of this alchemistic type is no "technology" which follows a ready-made instructional manual.  Nevertheless the tools are precise and used by us to teach CEOs and Members of Boards, widing their conscious awareness and are part of an integrated well thought-through energetic-systemic approach to chandge organizational cultures, we have successfully implemented the first layers in world wide operating companies.

We also use them as a core mechanism in healing sessions  and to suppport the individuals immune system.

Advice: See these days as a turning point filled with much more chances in the present, waiting for you to be more understood and utilized.Again, take a deep breath relax, practice the tools, if you wish. And remember: If you want to be fast, go slow. Lao-Tse.

(My work is enriched and greatly inspired by Judith book "turtles all the wy down" and by Robert Dilts modelling Strategies of Genius (3 volumes) as a "starting line" to go further following my inner call, my innate curiosity and vision on my terms expressd in a range of projects more than 12.000 people have participated in so far. But this webinar is all about you, not me. And you are most important, more than you currently can see.) With deep appreciation and gratitude to know you as co-creators on this journey - Ruediger



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