As the old rigid order dissolves in a chaotic manner causing outrageous effects, this can be the opportunity you have been waiting for. There is an often unseen independant space for a new consciousness. You no longer have to try hard to fit in, now you can begin to re-create yourself and become more influencial as a healer, leader, consultant, co -creator, entrepreneur - a LOVER OF THE NEW EARTH so to speak.

This "double" description by Judtih Delozier and Ruediger Fleisch brings together energetic tools with new generation systemic NLP tools for you. You can use them to bring your individual energies to a new level - for health, wealth and to be successful with wise action and inon-action in these times - for yourself and others.

Energetic tools speak the "living language" that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies understand. They introduce practical and understandable distinctions of lower and higher levels of consciousness, providing guidance and clarity.

A new awarenss and understanding of self and the alignment of vision, meaning, com-passion, power and   r e s u l t   according to one's own standards allow you  to create more easily and more precisely instead of reacting or struggling with the old.


These webinars are supported and thus co-created by:

Dr. Patricia Novivk, Chicago

Patricia Conlon, Ireland
Kamilla Nishanova, Russia
Jessica Riberi - Chile
Manuela Draganova - Bulgaria

Tricia Eagle - Canada

Dr. Holger Nauheimer - Germany

and others.

What is "Riding the waves - Raising your Energy" about in detail?

During this time of uncertainty with shifting sands on the outside we might forget that we have our greatest gift waiting to be discovered on the inside, true home. We live the answers to questions but now we are living the questions and looking for some answers that might help us ride this wave of uncertainty with a sense of balance, health and kindness.


We can do this through understanding and our inner world and how this inner world informs our outer work is the key. Many are living in an reactive inner state of survival, in strategies such as fear, feeling threatened and aggression around, freezing up and thinking in an “either- or” sort of way. As long as we choose to be under the wave, being rolled around by the wave of life we will continue to suffer. It is a time to know what to hold on to and what to let go of.


So what can we do? What is our greatest resource, need, fear? And an even deeper question, how do we support health, wealth, wisdom in mind, body, spirit and emotion during this time? And what is the answer to, “who are we becoming?'

 The 12 webinars delivered in three chunks of four are about connection to our inner world with ease and precision, bringing awareness and structure to re-create our inner platform, opening a more conscious access to our center, and allowing for the magic potential of our source to find a hold and unfold. Challenging and dissolving underlying beliefs and behaviors that are no longer useful for us but hold us back from generating new choices and taking effective action are part of our webinars.  Those old patterns do no longer have to have the power to distract us from our capacity for cultivating individual and collective learning.

We are also in the time of the third generation of NLP which brings many skills and tools to manage ourselves during this time, to increase our immunity, to connect more and more consciously to the various energies that we are made of: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual and to connect to a field of possibilities that await.


Through two different but overlapping descriptions we will learn to rise above, or level up to larger more useful and timely perspectives and to use them in order to manifest in our daily life and work.  In essence it is all about you/us integrating and expanding - off the noise and gaining influence in a new and maybe still unfamiliar manner.


We welcome you as a most important and beautiful creative being. We invite you to be part of this community of leaders, healers and entrepreneurs, teachers, learners who are willing to be in service for themselves and others in these days. Let us co-create a wider path to surprising, promising, opportunities which have not been available for long time. 

 Santa Cruz – Berlin, November 2020


Save the dates:

Chunk 1:

January 6, 2012 | January 13, 2021 | January 20, 2021 | January 27, 2021 |
Each Wednesday: Start:  9am PST; 6 pm CET |
                                Ending: 11:30am PST; 8.30pm CET

Chunk 2:

February 3, 2012 | February 10, 2021 | February 17, 2021 | February 24, 2021 |
Each Wednesday: Start:  9am PST; 6 pm CET |
                                Ending: 11:30am PST; 8.30pm CET

Chunk 3:

March 3, 2012 | March 10, 2021 | March 17, 2021 | March 24, 2021 |
Each Wednesday: Start:  9am PST; 6 pm CET |
                                Ending: 11:30am PST; 8.30pm CET



Overall Goal, Goals and Benefits

Before we answer this important question, let us ask you first:
Are you pleased with yourself? Do you enjoy your creations? Do you attract what you wish to attract and have in your life? Can you experience and enjoy the influence you have on yourself and others? To which extend do know you are creative on the one hand side but feel yourself to be the effect of other people´s often unmanaged behavior or decisions on the other hand side?


Now: Riding the waves – is all about you: enjoying yourself, your strength, you broadening the access to your huge potential and using it for what you wish to create and have.


Therefore the goals are:

1. More self awareness

2. More self re-creation

3. More self certainty

4. More ability to self calibrate or celebrate

5.  More self adjustment and correcting

4. More self motivation


To develop these capabilities allows us to be more aware of others, to calibrate the states of other, to sustain a quality inner game and correct if necessary and to hold and manage the states of others. All of these allow for more motivation as they serve as the very tools I need to deal with the self doubts and other interference that might occur.


To achieve personal mastery self awareness and self correction are essential for learning.



Skills and Benefits
The energetic tools, concepts, templates, maps and systemic skills support you
to address and unfold relevant layers of your consciousness.
You can

  1. -          step out of the noise
  2. -          contain your energies in a grounded way
  3. -          enhance them in a most significant way
  4. -          open up for new opportunities which are flowing in quietly on the backside of the noisy disruptions
           in the days ahead
  5. -          enter smoothly and with certainty into a more multidimensional coach state
  6. -          remove in ease layers of fear and stuff from your field what distracts or limits you
  7. -          become more masterful and effective in creating what you wish to create
  8. -          level up your skills to heal, lead and navigate, identifying your inner guidance system 
  9. -          start to reconcile and reconnect the power of the feminine and the masculine energies

Can you see where this ride can carry you?
Can you see how you can draw quantum of energy in terms of success, health and balanced success?
In essence: You can be in service for yourself and others and feel supported by the waves in a surprising manner. We would love to have you on this ride.
The crucial question, however, is: How do you decide?


Questions and Answers

Q&A: Is the webinar interactive?
This is a very important question.  Many of us have willingness and an inner desire to take care of others, to contribute to the community and to see new aspects emerging from a benevolent and qualified interaction.
There will definitely be phases where you can exchange with your fellow participants, exchange what you have experienced and inspire or even encourage you mutually to apply what you know through these experiences which are still in front of you.


 However given the fact that you will work with your consciousness, your individual experiences and the relevant learning takes place inside of you as an individual first. The space it takes in order that this can be grasped, integrated, owned by you and added to your personal library, so to speak, has to have your first attention and needs kind of priority space timewise, too. Sometimes it is smart to not talk and interact immediately with others.

In addition to the webinars there will be two Q&A live calls with Judith and me.
There will also be a private facebook group opened for those who register for the webinar. We send out and invitation to this group. This space is set up for participants to bring in their learnings, if they wish; to inspire and support each other, holding and weaving a field of respect, appreciation, ease joy, and co-creation.

This means in essence: There are phases in the webinars for focusing on you and for focusing on interacting with others – balanced with respect to the topic and the desired outcomes.