More Dialogs between Daughter and Father

D: Dad, if I practice, why don´t I still dare to ride a wave?

F: Because you haven't taken this little step yet?!

D: A small but difficult step.

F: Looks like it.

D: So, why don't I take it after all, I know?

F: Because you haven't decided yet.

D: And what would make my decision easier?

F: Nothing, probably?!

D: Oh no, I know now, ...if I could only trust you.

F: Do you trust?

D: No.

F: That's fine.

D: Fine?! I do not understand.

F: Well, what if you didn't need trust at all?
D: Now, I don't understand anything anymore.


F: Smile – Pause- How do you feel, right now.

T: Honestly, I feel like I'm in a wave right now.
V: Ah, now you are on it.
T: On what?
V: On the board, in the wave.
T: Which board?
V: The one that was in front of your head a moment ago.
T: What?
V: Keep breathing and from now on you better take your own.
    The old one was really good for taking that one more little step with its support.
T: Got it. Can you show me how to build my new one.
V: Yes, to a certain extent.
T: I understand what you mean.
T: From now on I better really stand on my own.....
V: Yeah, like before, only now you know that too.
T: Well, partly it was like that all the time, but now it's no problem anymore.

*Fathers and mothers don't know what they could know without the questions and experiences of their daughters and sons. Questions and experiences just make you smarter. That applies to consultants, trainers, managers, doctors - for everyone and everywhere at least it is a real possibility.