Here you can find:  1.Recordings of webinars - audio files and pdf files.  | 2. Access to videos with instructions for self-development and self-control | 3.Access to the audio files Food for Thoughts; Food for thought |

4. Input on the subject of organizational development | 5. Health: Discussion and text on the limit of the treatment of oncological patients and new approach


Here you will find recordings of the webinars, inputs and exercises, videos, audio files and pdfs, expert discussions and concepts on the topics:

  1. Webinars
  2. self-development
  3. Applications and exercises
  4. organizational development
  5. health
  6. Love and relationship  (from June 2018)


1. Webinars

Here you will find the recordings of the webinars to listen to as well as PDFs for free download.

Webinar 1

What makes 2018 such an interesting and crucial year for you? If you follow the button you will get to the transcripts and free recordings of this webinar.

Webinar 2:

Allow what is. Have what you want and let others be who they are.
If you follow the button, you come to the transcripts and the audio files with the contents and energetic exercises.

2. self-development

Here you will find 3 modules about self-development.


Module 1 contains questionnaires and written exercises for a rough inventory of your emotional and communicative competences, which form a good basis for energetic work.


The videos in module 2 contains information, introductions and instructions on basic enegetic tools that help you develop yourself and your self-control. It is recommended to watch one instruction video per week and practice daily. This only requires attention, but no effort.

A video with exercises and instructions to focus and center yourself can be found separately.


You will need a password which we can not assign automatically for technical reasons. Please send us a short request. See form at the bottom of this page.

Self Development - Module 1 (in German) :
Resource exercises for mental and emotional competence (in German)

Self-development - Module 2 (in German):
  7 videos with energetic instructions to follow directly - Essential for balance, power and choices (in German)

Self Development - Basic Single Video (in German):
center yourself

3. Food for THoughts - Q&A | Questions and answers

for the use of energetic tools

Here you will find inspiring questions and answers on applications and benefits of energetic tools and exercises that serve your personal well-being and self-development: food for thought. Access is free.

Table of Content

  • Beliefs - Importance of Salutogenesis Beliefs (German)
  • Why waiting is seldom a good enough option.
  • What is your main goal
  • How can this be applied to children?
  • Why is it so difficult not to rationalize everything?
  • Is it possible to fail despite the participation and the effort?
  • What do you do when you have only little money?
  • What do you mean for Wealthy?
  • How to manage the past to make progress.
  • Is it possible to ask private questions in the future?
  • What does rational mean for you?
  • What would you change in you (the Trainers)?
  • How is it possible to learn all these tools?
  • What is the way to stay always aware?

4. Organization and leadership

Change of Consciousness - From a reactive to a creative organizational culture

The territory changes, the maps have to be created in a new way

Although new possibilities are desired, the associated openings and changes take place after trial and error. This has to do with the recourse to familiar but unconscious perceptual filters and assumptions, and with the fragmentation of thinking-feeling-acting and actual identity.

One can perceive both fear and harshness in European organizations. Whether this is good or bad will be proved.
In any case, the unconscious access to old maps no longer provides reliable orientation - the opposite is true. New maps can and must be created. The easiest way to do that is to change one's own consciousness.

Consciousness, Awareness and Joy as pivotal factors? Why not.
Consciousness, Awareness and Joy as pivotal factors? Why not.

All of the abilities and criteria for success above are important and are needed urgently. However, with the old consciousness (3/4 D) and the associated perceptual filters, thought patterns, beliefs, assumptions about relationships and conflict patterns, but these are less accessible for certain emotional or unemotional motivation strategies and usual action strategies.

The strategies and measures that still worked until yesterday only work very conditionally today. Most feel that. The sometimes chaotic processes in organizations prove this and the reactions to it are very different.


On the subject of new requirements for leadership as well as the dynamics of new thinking, the following two audio files provide inputs.

5. health

limitations in the treatment of physicians towards patients with cancer

Expert discussion with PD Dr. med. A. Block, Head of Clinical Research, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (German)

Beliefs - Importance of Salutogenesis Beliefs (Rüdiger Fleisch, in German)

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