Energetic exercises


Basic energetic exercise (in German)

What does that have to do with me?

es ist auch einfach, etwas für sich zu tun.
es ist auch einfach, etwas für sich zu tun.


A) It is always about to allow YOURSELF something nice,


to play in a world, in which one is happy with oneself, self-confident, in lightness, in beauty, to have a long life, competent, in healing and health, self-love, compassion, gratitude, happiness, freedom, joy, respect, neutral towards difficult characters and drama, watching, with a desire for new things, with maturity, enjoyment of success and what you have achieved, in intimacy,connected with the higher intelligence of the original,in elegance, balanced, with strength, knowledge, abundance, full of hugs, laughter, dancing, singing, Swimming, honesty, loyalty, strong beautiful feelings and a bond with nature, pride, interested in the welfare of animals, kindness, having, possession, open communication, self-esteem, reason, in the free river, shrouded in benevolence, in short - a life in Ecstasy.


The use of drugs is not necessary - not even sugar.


But what is needed is


B) clear boundaries, limits, boundaries and trust in one's own intuition.


That's work. Simple work. But work. These are easy to establish, a decision for well-being, without the need for permission from anyone else.

That alone seems difficult, but only because it's so easy.


If one desires to heartily appreciate only three of the beautiful things enumerated above, then that is the motivational energy one needs to build the boundaries further.

How exactly this works is what the self-development modules in the library are about.


C) It is also hard because of our experience with manipulative aggressive people and our reactive and defensive behavioral patterns in response.

That too can easily be changed now.


That means: what is needed is the release

  •  behaviors such as self-manipulation, helplessness,
  • continuous self-sabotage, injuries,
  • cognitive dissonance = split between thinking - feeling, addictive phenomena that arise in part from arbitrary (not unconscious) behavior as directed manipulation of seeking empathic people
  • by ignoring the existence of one's own body, and thus by the more subtle wisdom and spiritual capacity for development
  • from a cycle of self-sabotage through reproach, anxiety and guilt, self-deprecation, self-identified exaggerated self-analysis or self-deprecation in co-dependency and the self-conscious, self-constructed trap that is resolvable.

These behaviors and their wounds come from a real-world experience. The experiences and the effects can be changed.


But what really and independently of these experiences are:
Abuse by open or covert manipulative - aggressive characters, threats, triangulation, dominance, fraud, degradation, the conscious confusion of perception, the persuasion of guilt, shame, harassment, violence including excessive video games, excessive consumption of pornography, junk food, gaslighting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abuse, the twisted and incorrigible wrong use of positive words for shabby purposes such as "karma" or "meekness", the demonization of death, the withdrawal and deliberate confusion of sensory perceptions, the devaluation of grace and vulnerability, the demonization and exploitation of disease, the exploitation of innate ecstasy, emotional, financial vampirism.


There is nothing wrong with us.

But X can not be fought, eradicated or denied, but very well recognized and answered differently.
These people and systems will change the moment they are left alone and the energy supply from the outside dries up.


Healing does not mean for us to fight or defend against these X-problems.

Healing comes from a choice of self-love, clearness, knowing how to deal with these things internally and externally.



Energetic tools help us to decide, they help us to rebuild the energetic structures in our bodies and to experience ourselves as the loving source in our own lives.As important, with self-esteem, clear and precise, friendly, creative, having what we want and compassion for all those who prolong their suffering by playing such games, you too have played in your life, but now you have no interest in it anymore.