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Balance, inner peace and access to your own power are necessary for what is about to come
Balance, inner peace and access to your own power are necessary for what is about to come

We live in a time of turbulence change. Many things get mixed uo inside and outside. Many things you have to do. Many things bothering you. Some things that you want, many options of what you can do and some things you just didn't expect.The change happens because of a new energy on this planet. Some fear anything possible (!) and others think this clearing time that somehow opens things up is not the worst option, especially because it clears many things that are "right", you "should expect" ´, everything without integrity and benevolence.


Spoken from a higher energetic level this time is remarkable. We enter situations in which we can decide between actual alternatives. Maybe for the time of our lifes options are not possibilities but realities from which we can choose freely.


At the end of the scale there is one question:

Do we want to continue with the restricting stress, unnecessary self-doubt, learned helplessness, fatale experiences and keep struggeling with unconscious beliefs and old ballast?

(Aren't there others who would do well with stress and self-doubt?)

Bikertreffen in Prag | Sylvester 2017 (Foto: Ruediger Fleisch)
Is your motor running?

Or - and that is the question at the other end of the scale:

Don't you want to discover more of what you really are?

Don't you want to cast off the old ballast and painful experiences you made: Don't you want to make the choice to put yourself first, let old beliefs be old beliefs, lety our wounds heal and move on?

And create what you always wanted but didn't think was be possible, but that could be possible now?

the shift makes things possible for everyone today that were not possible yesterday

The one street is free, it is created while driving.

The other one is just breaking apart.
Both is real.

Energetic tools are available and much more.

For many, time has stopped; for those it is still Kafka-time: in the moment in which the way is free they allow their learned but familiar fear to take control (Kafka: Vor dem Gesetz): But even that can be tackled with energetic tools.

If this is more than a consideration for you , you can go through the self-check (11 min, german) and listen to the following little exercise and savor the effect of energetic work.


23. minutes for freedom - who does not invest that has already decided.

However you decide, good luck to all.


We offer energetic tools to develop a higher level of energy for self- checking and personal topics you bring with you:

  • they tone down your own past negative experiences
  • they strengthen  your own intuition and your own self-confidence
  • they offer you clarity, liberated creativity and new rooms to move
  • they allow to combine new things which have been unthinkable until this point
  • which help to classify the emerging crass contrasts and turbulences in the near and distant environment
  • and with whom you can balance in your own sovereignty and power 24/7 and you can make everyday life wherever you want it

This creates a more balanced, powerful, quieter and more creative mindset that - from a certain point of view - spirals upwards, creating new perceptions, behaviors and not just functional identities. After all we are human-beings and not human-doings.

By mindset we mean the coherrent connection of soul / person-intention-belief-abilities-actions.


We work either in the form of an energetic session (60 min.) or an energetic encounter (240 min. with 30 min. break)

the beginning | a small fundamental exercise

a point in a circle; special thanks to Jim Self
a point in a circle; special thanks to Jim Self

With this exercise you can make your first experinces with energetic tools:

Mit dieser Übung können Sie eine erste Erfahrung mit energetischen Werkzeugen machen:


The beginning is easy. No matter what you do or what you would like to try (or not), no matter what anybody says, in any case you should be able to imagine a point in a circle...

You can project the circle on the ground and put yourself where the point is, you are inside of the circle and look outside...

The path that can be built on this is interesting, exciting, succesfull and unfamiliar...

listen to the audiofile (german)


A new energetic level allows us to discover a greater picture and creates a new mindset
A new energetic level allows us to discover a greater picture and creates a new mindset

For all your questions, which have to do with the following topics, we can support you completely with our energetic tools:

  1. self-confidence
  2. work
  3. health
  4. relationship & love

to segment 4: aspekt "freedom and relationship"


This is about going to higher energetic levels so that love for yourself and someone else play together.


On the way there, dissolving fixations and blockages, thus healing old wounds, discarding old inner patterns, negative beliefs and self-doubts is mostly present. Particularly blocking are those from relationships with narcissistic and covertly aggressive-manipulative characters.


There are many false assumptions and attitudes that require particular understanding and care for these characters. Nothing prepares the next defeat like these opinions (more in the library). This is just blocking your own development. In the face of global changes, some of which are very blatant, it is important to free oneself from the fixation on these people and to come into your own creative flow.


I . Energetischer 5D-Encounter (4 Std.)


encouragement |  strengthening |  balance and power | healthy assertiveness | the power of your own creativity and of creating together |


A new energetic level = building and stabilizing new levels of awareness in the face of possibilities and old difficulties.


  • new self-confidence at work:
    Uncertainties, dealing with difficult situations, conflicts, confusions, anger, injustice. Exhaustion and so-called negative people
  • Health and salutogenesis:
    Preparation for healing
    pain, various autoimmune diseases, preparation for surgery,
  • Happy Self and Relationship
    • Releasing from toxic relationships, misunderstandings about "co-dependency"
    • Healing the consequential damage of relationships with people with covert or open manipulative character deficits

Request individual questionnaire and procedure in advance.

Prices: from 550,00 € for individuals

II. Energetic Encounter for couples:
love and relationship


One of the most elementary and currently most changing topics that affects us all.
Nothing strengthens us more when we are in loving relationship with others and can live a healthy partnership. Yet this very central part of our lives is characterized by old, sometimes destructive and unhealthy patterns and outdated constructs that need to be reconsidered and redesigned.


Energetic encountering offers a suitable framework, which is offered in a 2: 2 setting. You can play with different perspectives, deadlocked roles and beliefs - to let go of old patterns and give love and partnership the space that brings their full potential to fruition.


Price for couples on request

retrieve questionnaire and procedure

III. four days wilderness camp in south africa;
2. half October 2018

"Reset your mind from failure to abundance"

Neuroscience-based techniques make shamanic practices for changing one's focus from useless battlefields to self-esteem, alertness and success.


Retreat with 5 more persons
Price: 2.500,00 € without flight in a double tent
registration: from May 1st 2018

IV. Life, children, self-worth
Group for turkish women
Begin: 8.5.2018, 11:00 - 13:00 o'clock.






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